Melbourne "Most Liveable City" 2017

Melbourne has been deemed the world's most liveable city by a global survey survey from the Economist Intelligence Unit. This marks the seventh year this particular distinction has been granted. In comparison, Sydney came in at 11th place.

This also makes Melbourne the first city to hold a number 1 ranking that many consecutive years in a row. The survey has only been going for fifteen years now, but the ranking is impressive all the same. Vancouver - a city that once shared the top spot with Melbourne - held the former record of six years.

As you might expect, Melbourne mayor Robert Doyle was ecstatic about the news. He remarked that all Melburnians should feel immense proud in the survey's findings. It is hope that this continued praise will also make the city more desirable to international students and tourists in the coming years.

Despite the high of his city's great achievement, Doyle will willingly admit that the city still isn't quite perfect. After all, nothing is! The proud mayor is confident that he can help Melbourne strive to truly honor its ranking as one of the best cities in the world however.

Daniel Andrews, Victoria's premier, was equally pleased with the results. He considers the ranking a victory for all of the citizens of Victoria. On the other hand, Victoria's Council of Social Services warns that the survey may be glossing over some of the areas of Melbourne in which some citizens might not be living idyllic lives.

The Economist Intelligence Unit surveyed nearly 150 cities and took a careful look at the healthcare, environment, culture, infrastructure, stability, and education of each one. Only cities that are obviously already desirable places to live with flourishing business centers were considered. As such, the survey's results can be seen as something of a "best of the best".

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